The Buddha in the borderlands

Rain clouds boiling over Alderbrook Sunday
Rain clouds boiling over Alderbrook Sunday
There are so many words swirling around these days. The world is filled to overflowing with events. I have been writing and writing – considering and dreaming – processing and lamenting. There are 31 posts in what I call the draft drawer. Tackling topics like; racism in America, hard friendships, Tamoxifen.. again, the healing power of berries, and the national fiasco of homophobia. On this cold July day which feels more like the beginning of a mini ice age than global warming I am choosing to set them all aside.

I dreamed last night that I was part of a circle of women preparing the body of the Buddha for the funeral. There was symbolism up the wazoo in the whole dream. Symbols of boundaries, emotional care – danger and choices – preservation of the old, and making safe places for the young. I find myself today in that strange half light of the day after a particularly vivid dream.

a fortress in Pinecone Village
a fortress in Pinecone Village
In my meditation this morning, (Which I must mention is only day two of my renewed attempt to have a consistent meditation practice, after dropping it like a hot rock during my family visit.) Anyway during my meditation this morning, I realized that in my frustration with my recent fatigue I have not been grateful to my body for being here, for doing all of the amazing things that the body does. Afterwards I started to think over the whole idea of my color system that I made long ago to gauge my energy/health level, and realized that the colors really represent not symptoms, but the degree to which I have let down the boundaries around self care.

The Buddha Body Dream brought me back to the need to do my sacred work, to hold space for that sacred work, and to listen to my intuition.  Basically in my dream I was being continually distracted by paying attention to other people, and getting involved in what they were doing, and thereby not doing what I needed to be doing, namely take care of the body as the foundation of everything. It all boils down to creating good boundaries.

close up of the palisade of the fortress
Close up of the palisade of the Pinecone Village fortress
There is a lot going on in the world, heck even in my own head, and likely yours too.  Perhaps this is a good time to take a deep breath and cultivate just a bit of calm and stillness.  Time to dig our feet into the soil and connect with what is real.  Emotions are contagious – it is just how we are hardwired. This does not mean however, that we need to be at the mercy of the media, or those who perpetuate terrible things. We can choose to be agents of calm – we can choose to do the work before us with reverence and love. That is contagious too.

The message I get from my dream is that first and foremost I need to be mindful of my boundaries, of who I let into my thoughts and physical space. Despite all the craziness most of us are safe – and by grounding ourselves in love we do contribute to better things. And for damn sure, when we fail to keep good boundaries we ensure that we will fail to do what we came here to do.

Wishing you all love and light from the Hotel Daire, and good boundaries too.

Hotel Daire, AKA the Fortress of the Flower.
Hotel Daire, AKA the Fortress of the Flower.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. peaceof8 says:

    This is lovely and exactly what I needed. I absolutely adore your writing. Thank you!

    1. Iridacea says:

      Thank you. Finally figuring out the reader feature on WordPress to be better able to read other blogs, just did a quick tour of yours, will dive in more later.

  2. Eileen says:

    I agree that boundaries are important. You have to take care of yourself first to be able to take of others. Hard to be calm and have love when you are hungry or tired. This is true of me, specially at work. Much love.

    1. Iridacea says:

      Love love back.

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