Bookshelf 2014
Bookshelf 2014

Healing books to help you on your journey. This is a roundup of books from my bookshelf that I read during my healing sabbatical in 2014 and found helpful, and new ones as I read them. They are  set within categories. I will link to book report posts as I write them.  This is an evolving effort here at Pookaride – we will see how well my computing skills are up to the task. Click any section title to take you to a list of books with notations.

I checked this book out of the library, and it profoundly effected my mindset. Highly recommended.

Aligning the Mind to Heal

Books to help you reframe.



Radical Remission

It is possible to Recover.

Books that tell the important story of people who get well despite the odds.



Anti Cancer- empowering story of how to stack the deck in your favor in the cancer game. Very practical- written by a doctor who lived twenty years after a 4 month diagnosis.


Books to help you develop skills and practices to maximize your chances of remaining free of cancering



My brother purchased this book for me. Many years ago a stranger gave him a copy while he was in a park.

Tuning in to Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine takes many forms, here are a few that I looked to.




very comprehensive book on integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine

A survey of complementary and even alternative cancer treatments.




Cookbook and more for cancer fighting foods.

Let Food be thy medicine

Cooking to maximize health!



This book looks at ancient wisdom and builds on the research of Mindsight to give a picture of how happiness works.


 How to be Happy

Books that explore the new horizons of positive psychology.