Food is Love

An important part of my healing during my cancering treatments was the beautiful food prepared for us by my community. Though there were times that my illness prevented me from eating, having my boys fed, without joe having to make every meal was a huge blessing. A good friend set up our food train on  This Site.  If you are facing a serious diagnosis I encourage you to reach out to being fed.

Sometimes people resist reaching out in this way because it smacks of asking too much.  I have come to believe that giving and receiving food is one of the most wonderful parts of being in community. It is a pleasure for both the giver and the recipient. For 9 years my work at the Scorcher was all wrapped up in feeding people, and having meals prepared for me by my fellow workers always felt like a gift.  Sometimes in my life, because I have cooked professionally, loved ones have felt awkward preparing food for me.  Please know that being fed has great healing power, and having meals prepared for us evokes feelings of being loved and nurtured. It doesn’t result in a session of judging. I personally think that love tastes delicious.

Steve & Joanne, our friends from down the street – who have worked in Amma’s Kitchen, shared the Video below with me about what they do. Joanne is narrating.  It is basically a tour of  Amma’s Kitchen, and their philosophy of preparing food for others with love. Amma is an Indian spiritual leader, considered to be a living saint, sometimes she is called the Hugging Saint.  I like what Joanne says in the video: “Our primary goal is to make delicious food, that is also prepared by people who care.”

We first met Steve just before Sam was born, and he has been feeding us delicious food made with love ever since.

A little Taste of Food as LOVE:

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  1. Joan Herman says:

    Dear Iris and family:
    Sending my love and strength to you.

  2. Kathy Patenaude says:


  3. Patrick Sullivan says:

    Dear Iris, Joe, Sam and Martin,
    Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Joyful New Year!
    Love you a bunch,

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