Released from the hospital.

A.C.K. Orderly Joe did a 24 hour shift at St. Vincent's Hospital caring for me.
A.C.K. Orderly Joe did a 24 hour shift at St. Vincent’s Hospital caring for me.

I am recovering nicely from the surgery, we had excellent care while there. The benefits of the paravertabral block include less pain post surgery- which means I have been comfortable. I was released today to go home with my family. Dr. De la Melena suggested we stay in Portland tonight so we are at my Brother Tom’s house. Spent a nice afternoon in their lovely garden, during this amazing summer preview day. The honey bees were swarming all over Lisa’s blooming rosemary bush. Joe is making a nice dinner as I write.

We will most likely travel back to Astoria tomorrow, and I will spend the next several days following the advise of the surgeon, “Rest now, or pay later.”

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I feel as if I have been completely surrounded by love through this whole process.

Departing the hospital.
Departing the hospital. Kathleen offered support during my stay

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  1. Emily Lennon says:

    We are so glad you are being well cared for !!!!!!!!

  2. kestrel2013 says:

    Yay!!!! Bees and flowers and radiant you! Sending more love!

  3. Moria Golub says:

    So glad you are feeling comfortable and being well cared for. Sending you healing hugs!

  4. Kathleen Grainger says:

    It’s great to see your smile! Glad you can enjoy family, friends and a garden. Hugs!

  5. sortingthingsout says:

    You look radiant.

  6. Eileen says:

    So happy that you are doing so well. And yes. there is a lot of love for you. You are beautiful

  7. Julia says:

    Have had you on my heart continually. Sending healing Light and love to you! Thanking the Lord for your family and many friends who are along side you. Life has called you to this post op chapter just as the spring flower, tree, grass and butterfly all emerge to new life and beauty. And as the warmth of the day calls out to the trees to reach their branches upward and spread their life giving greenery across the landscape in life’s renewal, so the spirit calls to you, “Rise and shine dear sister, though limbs be weary from this winter past. It is a new day and the sun has come to play!” Much love to you always. Julia

  8. Lynn potter says:

    Wow! You look so beautiful and vibrant. Looking forward to giving you a big hug. Lots of love coming your way

  9. margaret sullivan says:

    Love the rainbow you made ! looking good sister.i love you

  10. Meg says:

    Well, you picked the most amazing day to come home to! 75 at noon and going up to 81 degrees! After you rest, we should go for a walk ;). Love you, Meg

  11. Tom and Barbara Kulesa says:

    So happy to hear your spirits are high and your comfortable. Many healing thoughts and prayers !

  12. Ryan says:

    You look great Iris! I’m so glad it went well! Welcome home!

  13. Corinne Ricciardi says:

    You are looking beautiful in your exit photo. Must be all the love coming your way.

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