Moving forward

So, we actually decided against changing to the treatment plan outlined in the April Fools post – though we hear it’s working great for some (see 4/1 comments).

Taking a tree bath on the Audubon Trail with Betsy
Taking a tree bath on the Audubon Trail with Betsy

Tuesday’s final session of chemotherapy went smoothly. Now we’re in recovery mode, and Preparation-for-Surgery mode. Iris is spending extra time horizontal, reading books pertinent to treatment.  We’re planning to give some book reports soon.

We’re feeling particularly grateful that chemotherapy went smoother for us than we anticipated. One of our new cancering friends, who also was receiving her final IV bag of chemo on Tuesday, had an allergic reaction to her last infusion – in a minute, she began having difficulty breathing and turned bright red. The oncology staff responded instantly, and she was out of crisis within 5 minutes. But even so, as we said our farewells and checked out to head for home, we left her wearied and receiving oxygen, hours yet from going home to her family.

We went in to the city a day early for an MRI. It showed great response! So: now with chemo done, a surgery date has been set for Monday, April 28 at 7:30 am – a date that meets with the approval of the farmers’ almanac.

Smaller is good
Smaller is good

Monday included another session with our oncological naturopath, Dr. Allderdice. Our supplements now begin to shift over from chemo support to surgery support. Add milk thistle and citrus pectin, drop the glutamine. More walks, more naps, more water.

Finally, a parting gift from Betsy, a dear friend from afar who shared our day on Monday: a golden memory of waltzing in the sunlight of a spring garden.

~ Joe

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  1. Katie and Bill - Purple Cow Toys says:

    Bill and I are so happy things are going ok. All the best to you all. We will continue our good thoughts for you

  2. betsy says:

    Love you guys! If I could, I would follow you around like your own private Paparazzi everyday 🙂

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