Winter lights

Iris helps decorate the tree
Iris helps decorate the tree

Martin picked out a little noble fir tree from the friendly older couple on Claremont Road. We enjoyed talking with the chainsaw-weilding woman, who is also a bakery owner – hers is in Warrenton.  We talked about the recent cold snap, frozen water pipes, and her Cherokee heritage.  Joe’s upbringing in the Texas panhandle made a point of connection to her earlier days in Oklahoma. Later after dinner, we fetched the two old suitcases full of decorations from the upstairs closet.  Sam sorted and strung lights. Martin put Robert Goulet on the stereo (probably our fondest winter tradition). In an hour, the little fir and the jade plant beside it were nicely adorned.

Yesterday was Day Four of our first chemo. The nurses and doctors have told us to expect days four and five to be the lowest. Iris experienced minor nausea, easily managed, and general weariness.  A couple of naps and some nettle tea helped.  Iris made herself a bowl of ginger/kale/miso ramen for lunch.  Martin made dinner by himself: a skillet full of colcannon that met with even Sam’s approval.

The rain was steady all day, and we missed our daily walk. Tomorrow, we’ll be sure to get outside during a break, maybe go visit the chickens in Svensen.

 – Joe



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  1. Mary Sullivan says:

    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World one of my favorites! xo

  2. Mary Sullivan says:

    Try this link for a laugh. xo,m

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