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  1. margaret sullivan says:

    We Love you Iris !
    Bunnies and rainbows forever !

  2. Mary Sullivan says:

    Love you Iris!! Big Hug. Thank you for the update Joe. love, Mary

  3. Natalie Sullivan says:

    Thanks Joe,
    This is certainaly is hard day for us all, I’m sure her Dad will carry her thru this with flying colors! We’re all sending healing energy from Michigan, for Iris and also you and the boys.. Will wait to hear more. Thanks again our prayers are with you all. Love Mom

  4. Alice Barnett says:

    Thanks for the update — been thinking about you all morning!

  5. Sharyn says:

    Sending love to you all! Appreciate the update!

    1. Thelma says:

      Praise God , We will pray for a speedy recovery

  6. courtney says:

    Healing prayer to you Iris. Love ya and thinking of you.

  7. Arcia says:

    Thinking of you when I see the spring birds flitting around.

  8. victoria montelongo says:

    Iris, positive energy flowing from Dallas. Thinking of you with love.
    Victoria and Bob

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