Stopping the Black Snake with Prayer & Discipline

2017 Update: Because this page continues to get traffic it requires an update. President Trump allowed the pipeline to continue, and authorized additional brutality against the water protectors as soon as he took office. There is still active resistance to this even though the camp was shut down.  There have been some successes in the fight. This situation is still very much in need of continued solidarity, prayer and action. This June article in the Nation gives some ways you can help.  

missouri river
Beautiful Missouri has been protected.

Yesterday some much needed good news came in. The DAPL is being halted. As a result of months of prayers and disciplined non violent organizing led by the Standing Rock Sioux. This is the most hopeful thing I have witnessed, maybe ever. I am so grateful; to the wise elders who led, to all those who took action at the camps, to all those who sent prayers, to the Veterans for Peace who spoke out and were traveling there to lend their support to the protectors of the water.  To those in the government that stood up against the corporations.

May this be a catalyst that leads to more peaceful right action.
May all of those who have felt the call to solidarity continue a path of fierce protection for Mother Earth.
May this be an example that will hearten those who have doubted the power of people to do good things.
May those so heartened find their own unique way to contribute to the common good of all.

We are all in this together.
Peaceful solutions are possible.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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