Imagine 2017: the year your dreams come true…

Rainbow at Niagara Falls- proof that there is beauty in the world.
Rainbow at Niagara Falls- proof that there is beauty in the world.
With all of the events of 2016 rattling around our minds, it can be hard to imagine how anything can be right in the world. How it is possible for our lives to move in a positive direction. I know.  The thing is that when we step into the place of getting clear on what we want from our lives, what it looks like, feels like, smells like, we create something to make practical steps towards. I believe we need to dream.  Much as I wish it were so, complaining is not a tool for change. For instance instead of just thinking “Boy it sure sucks that there is no place to get organic vegetarian food in this town.” In 2004 a group of friends got together and formed The Bread Collective, what would go on to become Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafè.  Now there is a place to eat organic vegetarian food in this town. It all starts with giving yourself space to imagine the possibilities.

Every cool thing in existence large and small started out as an idea.  There is great power in ideas. There is WAY more power in ideas that you write down, and yet more when you start living your life consciously taking steps towards manifesting those ideas.

I am continually astounded by the bad ideas that take hold. Some seem to have a drive to make money, combined with a lack of imagination and a mistaken belief that our individual needs are in conflict.  i.e. “I can only get my needs met if someone else doesn’t – there is not enough to go around, and I am going to get mine.” This scarcity mindset has brought us nearly infinite dangerously bad ideas, from GMO foods to phones that explode. The thing is I believe in the amazing creative powers of humans- and like the force in Star Wars it can be used for bad or good. Come to the side of the light.

Cardamom Almond Rolls at Blue Scorcher. I made up the recipe.
Cardamom Almond Rolls at Blue Scorcher.   I made up the recipe, and now ten years later they continue to spread love in the world, long after I stopped making them.
I would like to invite you to leverage your amazing powers towards manifesting a world in which all of your needs are met, and so are everyone else’s.  If you don’t believe it is possible than just go on down to the Scorcher right now and eat a cardamom roll- it will make a believer out of you that good things can happen when people set their hearts, minds and shoulder to the wheel to get things rolling in the right direction. The good news is that when you create a sparkly life, it is contagious.

I have been creating my life for as long as I can remember.  Over the years I have organized and collaborated with others to create all kinds of amazing things.  Creating a personalized planning book has been a prime tool to doing so.

Now for the Plug.

As such I will be facilitating a creative workshop, Plan Your Planner, on Sunday December 11th. (This is obviously aimed at local folks- though if you live in the Northwest Astoria is pretty awesome place to visit…) I invite you to spend the day bringing clarity and joy to your 2017. We will create personalized templates to hold your goals and dreams.  We will start out with a hand bound journal for each participant. We will then fill them up with questions and strategy worksheets that will help you get really clear on what is important to you, and what steps to take in order to manifest a beautiful sparkly life.

Bottom line: In this workshop we will be making a template for you to fill out on a self guided retreat during the next 6 weeks.

Are you are interested?

Cost? Sliding scale starting at $25

What do you need to bring?? Yourself. (Art supplies, sample questions and journals will be provided.)

Where? At the North Coast Food Web Building

When? Sunday December 11th 10:30 -2:30

Lunch?? Soup and bread will be available. Potluck welcome.

How big is the class? It will be a small class with a limit of 12 folks.

How do I sign up?? well, Pre-registration is required. I need to make books for each participant.  If you are interested you can pay on the food web site here. Alternately you can get on the list by emailing me or calling me directly or by leaving a comment below.

xo iris


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  1. Margaret Sullivan says:

    You are the best sister wish I could go love maggie

  2. Eileen says:

    This would be so helpful. What about an online course for people who live out of state? Oxox

    1. Iridacea says:

      Oh I would so love to do this with my lovely sisters! Love you.

  3. margaret sullivan says:

    Iris can you call me I have a question I need help with Thank you Maggie.

    Sent from the house of Slim


  4. Very informative blog😊

    1. Iridacea says:

      Thanks for stopping by- xo

  5. Hi Thank you for your comments on the phoenix diaries 🙂 Ive only just found them. Im a bit of a novice at wordpress, Im just using it as an outlet for my writing but I didnt realise people were commenting lol

    Anyway thank you xo

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