Love in these times of peril.

I awoke this morning to beauty here in the Gila of New Mexico where I am visiting my sister.  And then the disheartening election results. A win of the electoral college, though not the popular vote, will put a dangerous man at the forefront of our nation.  The work to heal hatred is very real, to reach across barriers to create cooperation and peace is very needed.

Right now two Ravens are flying in circles above my head reminding me of the essential sacredness that continues under all of the distractions of the human world filled with hubris.  To practice mindfulness, to connect to the divine, is called for now. To practice the work of being present with our neighbors, to reject enemy images, to love, that is needed too.

The Cubs won the World Series, Trump has taken the White House- I imagine I will soon be seeing a few pigs migrating past in the vast blue New Mexico Sky. These are uncommon times we find ourselves in my friends. Hold fast to love and light- we have our work cut out for us.

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