Nothing but Blue Skies, (I mean big freaking storm and it’s alright)

blue blue skies.
blue blue skies.

Actually the blue skies are only in my heart- outside my window a big storm is breaking- trees are swaying, rain is lashing against the windows and the kitties are restless.

As a large storm begins to swirl around the North Coast I wanted to send out a quick note, least the electricity go out for days, and I leave you hanging. Last week I wrote about my upcoming mammogram- which I had Monday, and which was fine- Nothing to report. Which is the Big Good kind of news on this journey.

This is sort of a non sequitur, but the storm limits my time to create something original and brilliant, so to give you something to chew on rather than my lies about blue skies, And If you are not offended by swearing, here is an amazing talk about self love as it applies to relationships shared with me by my friend Miranda. The man is named Benjamin Smythe. I think this is brilliant. Enjoy.

Here is the video.  May it inspire you towards radical self love.

May these big winds blow away all that no longer serves us, opening up room for more love, joy, and beauty.



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  1. Sue Skinner says:

    Hey Darl– Thanks so much for the inspiration, and the evocation of this potentially giant storm, so far blowing over us, though the huge copper beech is screeching in the gusts, protecting us who are so fortunate to live under her from the powerful Southwest winds .

    Loved the 35-ish man’s summary of Gestalt Therapy in only seven minutes. Brilliant!

    Much Love,

    Sue S

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