Ley, Lady, Ley

Can the placement of our Bed effect our health?
Can the placement of our Bed effect our health?

“Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead
I long to see you in the morning light
I long to reach for you in the night
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead.”
Bob Dylan

Have you ever walked into someplace and had a really strong feeling of wellbeing, or conversely felt unsettled?  There is something hidden at play.

The Earth is an enormous magnet, she is wrapped in bands of electro magnetic and electro static energy. The layers within our atmosphere act as a force field that protects us from solar radiation. Beneath our feet this energy is known as ley lines.  All of the known ancient megalithic sites such as Stonehenge and Machu Picchu in Peru are built upon major confluences of these earth energies. Much like the meridian lines in our bodies used in acupuncture there is a structure to the ley lines of the Earth.

We know this because the concentrations can be measured with scientific instruments.  However such things are also detectable with intuitive tools like pendulums and dowsing  (Dowsing is also used to find subterranean water, to “witch” wells, but that is a topic for another post.)

Ancient people were very aware of how these energy lines effected us, and went to great lengths to build homes only in those places where the energies were in healthy atunement. Feng Shui in China, Vastu in India, dowsing in Europe, and shamanism the world over, all have tools that are used to determine proper house sites to protect people from the negative consequences of poor house placement.

Added to the Earth’s native energy we humans have constructed a vast network of electric lines, radio and cell phone towers.   We are awash in electro magnetic and electro static forces. I’m not even sure what differentiates electric, static and radio waves, or how cell phone signals and wifi play a part in all this. If you wonder about the effect of these human inventions, consider the European laws preventing high voltage power lines from passing too close to schools. Buffer zones are allocated to keep children safe. From what I’ve read electro magnetic fields, EMFs, are shown to impact our health negatively, you may want to investigate for yourself the increases in brain cancering rates since cell phones.

The whole point of this discussion is that in the industrial era we, in our striving for modern rationalist profitable practices, have abandoned the ancient practices of checking the suitability of the land prior to building a home.  We  build willy nilly. And some houses are in positions of bad juju. And this makes people sick.

The good news is that sometimes the Ley lines are such that they may be an area of “bad” energy immediately adjacent to a neutral area. There can be a bad side of the bed and just a foot away on the other side it will be totally fine. So the person on the right might become ill, while the person sleeping on the left maintains good health.  A study spearheaded in the 1980s by the physician/wife of a former German prime minister looked at the effect of having cancering patients move their bed, or to try sleeping in another room.  The effects were measurable. People who moved their bed got better at a higher rate than those who stayed put. Leading to a now common recommendation by some German physicians that is given to patients upon diagnosis,  “Change where you sleep.”

I found this information incredibly interesting when I heard about it. One reason being because of my own behavior years ago when I was pregnant with my sons.  During both pregnancies I had very strong inclinations as to where I wanted to give birth.  Both boys were born at home. Sam in the south bedroom, even though Joe and I slept in the north bedroom.  My compulsion to have Martin on the south side of the house, this time down in the basement, was so strong that it spurred a massive construction project to turn our unfinished basement into a living space so I could give birth there. The contractors had to contend with me waddling/prowling around fiercely like a mama cat.

Then there was the desire to sleep somewhere else during my cancer treatments. At the time my inner story was that I had spent so much time in bed due to extreme fatigue in the years after my 2009 collapse from exhaustion, that I could not bear the thought of  languishing in our bedroom after chemo treatments. Again we spent time rearranging in the basement. This time remaking our guest space, the starlight lounge, which incidentally is the same room Martin was born in. Transforming it into a healing bower.  We also moved the position of our bed in the north bedroom upstairs, where I continued to sleep on nights when I felt well enough. Our bed migrated to the south wall of our bedroom which is where it felt most comfortable to me after trying a few positions out.

The view from my bed in the starlight lounge in 2014
The view from my bed in the starlight lounge in 2014

At the time of all this moving around of beds I didn’t know anything about the possible effects of bad bed placement or sleep position juju. Which is why when I heard about a possible connection between bed position and health I took notice.  I had already taken radical action three times in my life. I am now very curious as to what might be going on with the earth energies on the northern edge of our house that inspired me to want to avoid it all three times?

Our bodies hold such incredible wisdom, and ways to perceive that are not conscious.  The world is full of mystery and wonder that modern science willfully ignores. Trust yourself to notice subtle differences which may lead you to a happier and healthier life. What do  you think, is your bed in a good position?   If not I challenge you to spend a bit of time tuning into your body-knowing to see if there are any small changes you could make in your physical space to contribute to your health and wellbeing.  In making changes you will be living more closely within the wisdom of our lost ancestral knowledge.

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