Let the Games begin….

Greetings fellow travelers.  Many thanks for your many acts of kindness and loving support.

Martin and I in Yakima September 2013
Martin and I in Yakima September 2013

We are doing well for the first forty eight hours after my first Asklepios treatment. (AKA CHEMO) The doctors said that side effect symptoms will likely start more tomorrow, so I wanted to get the blog running.  Joe, the Boys and even Kathleen will likely add content from time to time.  We also hope to create some Puppet Theater to explain the science behind this journey, or perhaps better said as “To encourage, educate and explain?”  saith Sam Daire

That is what we hope. Comment freely as long as you are not offering us Viagra, or mail order brides.

lots of love from the Family Daire

(This is my first post, and a bit has happened since I sent out the first volley of emails.  My calendar obsessed self inspires a blow by blow for your viewing pleasure: Look for that Timeline on this page.)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie Sullivan says:

    Great news! We all know it is just the beginning of good news!
    Keep up the good work! Love Mom

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