Invaders! Scotch Broom & Hadrian’s Wall

I have started blogging about Natural dyes and other art projects on Dream Bird Studio. Here is a post about dyeing with Scotch Broom Flowers if you are interested…
xo iris

Dream Bird Studio

IMG_2608 Scotch Broom along the Columbia

Some plants get a bad rap. For instance, Scotch Broom, Cytisus scoparius, has a terrible reputation in these parts.  There is an ongoing concerted effort to rid the wild spaces of the Northwest of it, including in my neighborhood. But I have to say I have kind of a soft spot for it. Not to minimize it’s capacity for take over – Broom is not the first fearsome thing to come out of Scotland. Remember the wall built in 122 AD by the Romans to keep the Scots out of Roman Britain? Perhaps my attraction to it is my Scots-Irish ancestry showing?

I fear that efforts to curtail broom are as futile as keeping watch for raiders along a 72 mile long wall.  Scotch Broom is very resilient – her seeds can remain viable in soil for upwards of fifty years. On the other…

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