This is Post #100 – When Wishes Are Horses

Make a wish.
Make a wish.

Can you Yipp? Can you Yopp?

Doctor Seuss’ Horton the Elephant declared, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” after hearing the voice of the tiny visionary Dr. H. Hoovey coming from a dust speck. Which led Horton to take action to protect the tiny Whos of Whoville. The Who’s eventually banded together to save themselves, and in the end it is the last tiny effort of the tiniest Who of all that makes the difference and tips the balance towards good.  I love this story as it emphasizes that it is both collective action and the individual contribution of our own unique talents that saves the day.

When we look about at our own world it may feel like we are perched over a vat of boiling oil like the Whos. We are called by these perils we face to take action. In the words of Dr. H Hoovey “It’s your time to make yourself heard!”  What if you added your voice to the effort too? What would it be like if we all gave our own unique YoPP! Who might we get through to if we work together, each in our own way?

Perhaps the first step is to step back and imagine how things can be. Remember making dandelion wishes as a child?  If you could make any wish right now, what would it be?  What if you could pluck all 6 of the dandelions in the picture and send six wishes worth of seed ambassadors to the four winds? If we take time to imagine what could exist we can create it.

My mother is fond of the saying “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Which expresses a theme that is strong in our world, namely that life is hard, and that it should be, no one deserves a free ride. We should earn our way. This perspective also supposes that wishing is futile. Another saying, “Careful what you wish for,” speaks of the other side of the coin. it supposes that what you wish will indeed come to pass, but in some dark terrible form that you don’t intend.  Both sayings admonish you to stop wasting time on wishes.

But what if wishes aren’t a waste of time? What if they are neither a symptom of laziness nor an invitation to work with the devil? What would you wish for? What amazing things would start if we all spend a bit of time imagining the world as it could be. Dr. Hoovey spent 50 years building his Whoscope Appliance to prove to the people of Whoville that there is a world beyond theirs. Because there are always worlds beyond this one we perceive right now. I believe that the world in which Justice is more common than Tyranny is within the reach of our thoughts. And expressing our thoughts can invite others to the table to create that more positive world we imagine.

Think of it as an invitation by a loving universe to create more goodness. To get you started here are a collection of some of my wishes.

#1 That more and more people will awaken to their amazingly powerful co-creative capacity.

#2 That great waves of love will surround the planet helping us all to heal.

#3 That the hidden agendas that have been enslaving humanity will be revealed and healed.

#4 That both people and the beautiful plants and animals of Earth and Sea will begin to flourish together.

#5 That everyone will have access to real food, wholistic healthcare, and meaningful work.

#6 That there will be a blossoming of art, dance and music amongst the general populous, sending waves of happiness out into the universe.

Wishes followed with actions blossom into reality, and it starts the minute you connect to your own unique voice and offer your visions to the collective effort. From within the cacophony emerge clear actions. We are the ones we have been waiting for after all.

“We are Here! We are Here! We are Here!”  The Whos


P.S. Taking it to the 100th Power

This is the 100th post here on Pookaride, which encourages my need to step back, measure and tally to prepare for the next audacious step.  Where once the sole purpose was to connect with family and friends, keeping them abreast of my breast cancering, I now find myself fluttering on the edge of a new purpose for these pages. How do I want the future to create itself here? How will my next 100,000 words contribute to that future?

My ever wise friend Lynn told me that when anyone writes from their true experience it can connect to the truth within those who read it. These word offerings I prepare are a means of better understanding my life, and hopefully a meaningful connection to the greater world.

It is also my hope to fulfill some wishes for the readers of pookaride. Though I still think about cancering daily, I can appreciate that others may not want to consider it so often. Until now it has not been the way of the pookaride to be much of venue that encourages comments.  Which leaves me with little feedback on the impact of these words I type.  I can make up stories in my head about what others might want to read, but in my experience guessing what others want, and trying to do that simply increases worry, and seizes up the gears of my writing engine. I welcome conversation on what my words bring up, and how they may connect to your lives/thoughts.

For now the best step forward seems to be to keep practicing my Yipp and Yopp, while intending the highest good, to somehow serve others with my words.  I imagine that I will keep writing about my perspective on all things cancering, though I hope to write more and more on my efforts to embrace living in the world with a perspective of magical realism, and to document taking actions to create what I know is possible.

Thank You so much for reading – after one hundred posts it is amazing to think that anyone is still reading.  I am so grateful to have this way of conceptualizing my life. These days we live in are so very different from a generation ago, when a woman might try to hide that she had breast cancer. Just as Rachel Carson did, so that her efforts towards stoping the use of pesticides would not be jeopardized by the perception that she was somehow promoting her own interests.

Which is one reason I wish to keep writing about cancering, because it effects all of us in someway. And because it isn’t really personal, or even really about me.  Yes, though this is my body – I am just one of many walking this same road. It is also my hope that there are bits of universal truth coming through these words. That being vulnerable and present in this way speaks to the experience others are having as they make their way on their path with or without cancering.

So if I am to throw out wish #7 it might be to invite all of you to celebrate with me that I am here riding my Pooka, and telling you the tale. And to encourage you to express a Yipp or a Yopp of your own as we co-create a more wonderful life in this precious moment we have together.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan Mitchell says:

    Iris- I’ll keep reading, indeed! Each of us can do only a small part, but doing beats just grumping every time. There’s a newish group forming to monitor/learn. be active about the Estuary, for instance —made up initially of those who have fought the LNG monsters.

    On the cancering front, CBS 60 minutes on Sunday spent over 20 minutes on a segment dealing with using the polio virus to fight brain cancers. It is i the research phase so far, out of Duke University. But it is worth finding on your computer and watching. They discussed their failures as well as successes, and the folks working on it are very involved with those who are volunteering for the trials. They are looking at trials on other cancers as well.

    My heart is full of love for you……..Jan >

    1. Iridacea says:

      I just spent the weekend in Bend With Carol N. at the ROP Caucus and am feeling super jazzed up to be more active. I think that in my twenties I defined activism too narrowly and stepped away from it in a lot of ways. I am feeling excited to approach activism in new ways, so keep me posted on the estuary work. Thanks too for the heads up on the 60 Minute piece I will look into it.
      love back at you beautiful woman!

  2. Sharyn Hedbloom says:

    I continue to be inspired by your words. Love you and all you share.

  3. Iridacea says:

    We love you too! Thank you for the reach back. I’ve been thinking a lot about those early days in Astoria. xo

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