I hear a sweet voice calling.

Sunset in Alderbrook
Sunset in Alderbrook

Okay I know I have been writing a lot.  I am feeling very inspired to try to get as clear as possible on what I am learning- and to document it so that perhaps it might help others.  Writing also acts as a clarity spell for myself- a discipline to more deeply understand myself and the human condition.

I am currently watching a 9 part documentary called The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest. It is free to watch online just now. Link to the main TTAC website. Lots of information  is swirling about in my head from it.  It is both inspiring and hard for me to watch.  I tried to watch it last year and couldn’t. This year it is the right time for me. What I am appreciating about the work of TTAC is that it is presenting a lot of options- so that perhaps people can broaden their choices on how to best address their health. Treatments BTW that have been hidden and suppressed.

It is reminding me that what we believe to be possible is very influenced by what we have experienced first hand.  When I was diagnosed I had never met anyone who had overcome a cancering diagnosis without any western medicine. Folks from my community were approaching Joe and imploring him to make sure I sought western treatments.  But what if I had personally known someone who had healed themselves physically and emotionally of their cancering? How would that have changed my journey, if at all?

In 2014 after the bulk of my treatments were finished I met a women who had stopped cancering without any western treatments. She was very humble. She didn’t claim to have any universal answers. Meeting her really empowered my belief in the ability of the body to heal, and the power of forgiveness.  At that same event I met a wonderful woman who was in the last weeks of her life. She had tried a variety of treatments both conventional and alternative to address her cancering. She was in the process of dying with grace. She glowed with love. I felt truly blessed by my conversation with her.

I am feeling called to help people find their most benevolent path to health and healing in what ever way I can. Knowing that what is right for one person might not be right for another. I can only speak about my own experience and hope that it has some spark within it to shed light on the lives of others.

I’m not sure how to grow my blog beyond the realm of people who care about me, to include people who may benefit from my experience. I’m open to ideas.

P.S. If the recent news that the Oregon LNG thugs are pulling out of their proposal for a LNG port at the mouth of the Columbia doesn’t inspire worldwide spontaneous healing I don’t know what will. Many thanks to the tireless efforts of many local folks for longer than a decade – Rural Power! The world is shifting towards the light. Keep the faith.

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  1. Sharyn Hedbloom says:

    Oh Iris, thank you for your writing..sets me thinking..always.And YES goodbye to LNG!

    1. Iridacea says:

      Hallelujah! Wahoo! & Amen.

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