Lost… and then Found

The Trio bonding by complaining together.
The Trio bonding by complaining together.

Miracle Chicken

2015 was a bad year for chickens around here. Our flock in town was much diminished by predators, and the flock out at our Svensen garden had a complete massacre,… or so we thought.  Then a few weeks ago, our friend who gardens out at our place saw one lone chicken. She survived feral all winter long.  Last week we had a session of rather ridiculous chicken rodeo, of which she won. But today we were able to capture her and transport her back to town to live with Gilda and Laverne our remaining town hens. It was the magic of Martin that made the difference. We are debating names, since she was one of the un-named hens of the Svensen flock.

As I write she is pacing in the chicken run- bewildered by her change in circumstance.  Whether she will come to be happy in town will be determined at a future date. All three hens will be denied free ranging for a few days as they settle in together. And then the un-named chicken will learn the ropes of the shady woods Gilda and Laverne have called home since they were chicks. All the pill bugs she can eat.

The magic of Easter has brought a plethora of chicken happenings around here. In the basement the old bread cart from the Scorcher is being transformed into a covered wagon chicken house. It is full of bantam chicks, in preparation for the Clatsop County Fair next summer. They will live outside in their own abode when they are a bit bigger.  Joe and I finished lacing the hardware cloth onto the hoop frame on the removable top this morning. I have hopes that their departure from the basement will inspire a massive studio/workshop clean – launching us into the holy grail of our household: order top to bottom. Something which has been elusive for well over a decade around here.

While we were out Svensen way today we saw the first swallows I have seen this year- swooping in circles overhead. There are only two remaining swallow houses, compared to probably six when we purchased the place in 2007.  I felt soo happy to see them flying above me today. I am thinking that building them more houses needs to be a homeschool project soon.

And Another Thing…

Another thing I have been thinking about, pertains to the purpose of this the Pooka Ride Blog.  Whereas when I started my audience could best be described as “People who care about Iris” I find myself very drawn to writing to an audience of “People who are dealing with some sort of life changing diagnosis.” I am considering perhaps beginning to write in two locations.  One focused on glimpses of our lives doing all things nature, consciousness, homestead-y, herbalism, homeschoolish etc. etc. transitioned to a separate blog. Leaving PookaRide.com to become more of a resource for cancering related topics.  Please comment what you think about that idea.

Hope you are all enjoying the spring weather.

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  1. Sue Skinner says:

    I love the way you weave the stories of cancering transformation with chickens, three-and four- legged cats, mindful walking, birds, living in Alderbrook, your children, Joe, your extended family, your childhood escapades, your flashy outfits, and can’t imagine how you could disconnect these elements into two separate blogs. But you are a talented writer, and you are up to the task, for sure. In fact, I can’t wait to read how you do it!

    Much love to everyone–Those chickens are so fortunate to have sweet, organized Martin caring for them—-

    1. Iridacea says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I have been wondering whether folks want to read about cancering topics, especially if they aren’t needing to deal with it directly for some reason. Kathleen pointed out that Cancer is so prevalent that we are all “dealing” with it all the time in some capacity anyway. Who doesn’t know someone with cancer?

      As I rethink why I blog, and how it can serve others, it seems good to explore different versions, and different approaches. For instance this is my first ever online reply to a comment. When I was ill, it felt like a set up if I replied to some people and not to others, so I decided not to reply to anyone.Originally Pookaride was primarily just a means of keeping folks updated. I’m going to try creating a more participatory situation for a while and see how it develops.
      much love to you my dear friend.

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