long time travellers

“These fleeting charms of earth
Farewell, your springs of joy are dry
My soul now seeks another home
A brighter world on high”
Wailin’ Jennys

Traveling today to New Mexico, to visit my sister where she lives on a remote high altitude ranch. We will miss the last days of beautiful September in Oregon, and very sadly the laying to rest of two beautiful people who died this past week in our community.

I have been writing lots in my journal as of late, and will unleash a plethora of blog posts in October.

May the golden days of autumn bring peace and light all.

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  1. Sharyn says:

    And to each of you sweet Daire family. Enjoy your journey.

  2. EileenW says:

    Very happy you guys get to visit Margaret and Preston. You will love it there. Tell Margaret she is still invited here to live and cook. She could use the shed to make jewelry. I didn’t forget Preston. He could herd the neighbor’s cats for fun.

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