Birds in the Year of the Horse

Hiding out in the woodshed to avoid the weather.
Hiding out in the woodshed to avoid the weather.

I really love this time of year. This full moon, in cultures which celebrate the Lunar New Year, it is the New Year’s Lantern Walk.  For 15 years we hosted a Lantern Parade to celebrate the quickening of spring in early February.  Now that torch is being carried by our friends, Lam & Kestrel, who are lantern makers extraordinaire.

Right now the pussy willows are out, birds are practicing their love songs, and crocus are starting to bloom – It is the quickening of Spring!  Everyday you can see little signs that life is being renewed.  It is so hopeful.  Even though today, the chickens are hiding out in the wood shed to avoid the mud and rain, I know that the spirit of Spring is working itself up to a glorious warm May day, one filled with the smell of lilacs and bird song.   So, dear friends though it be dreary and wet, all kinds of good things are waking up all around us.

This may have been harder to see last week during the arctic blast. Though even then tree buds were swelling, and roots were waking up beneath the snow. When we put seed and suet out for the birds during the snow last week, we had many small friends stop by to get a quick bite.

  • Chickadees, (both black cap and chestnut backed),
  • Song Sparrows
  • Fox Sparrows
  • White Crowned Sparrows
  • Oregon Juncos
  • Towhees
  • Flickers
  • Varied Thrushes
  • Scrub Jays
  • Crows
  • Downey Woodpeckers
  • Not to mention the cold Hummingbirds at the kitchen window feeder!
The Hair House open for business.
The Hair House open for business.

Back in December, I saved all the hair Miranda cut off, in anticipation of this moment.   Earlier this week Martin and I took all of it and put it out for the birds inside of an old light fixture.  The intention is that the birds will take little bits and use it to line their nests.  Bird nests are both messy, and miraculous.  Lots of different ways to cradle the next generation.  I am hoping at least a few will stop by for some of my hair in the coming weeks.

Happy Year of the Horse! Happy Hope of Spring! Many blessings all around.

p.s. I finally updated the Time Line to please Kathleen.

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