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This is officially the last minute – Beth brought me over information two weeks ago. The event is happening this Saturday, February 8th. It was put together by our unbelievably kind friends – historian, Rex Ziak and musician, Andrew Emlen.  It is an evening lecture by Rex about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with live musical accompaniment on Cello by Andrew.  It is being offered as a benefit to help us cover all our medical expenses for this crazy cancer-ing pooka ride.  I don’t even know who all has worked to make it happen.  There is a beautiful poster up at the bakery about it, and there was an ad in the paper. Wow.

I have gone through every emotion since I first heard of the plans for this event: Tearful Gratitude; Embarrassment; Happy warm feelings of being Loved;  Guilt;  Awe; Excitement;  Wild Curiosity about the topic – (which I first heard about in a conversation with Rex at the bakery months ago at about 5 a.m.);  Relief;  Fear about what “people” would think about us;  more Gratitude;  Wonder. . .    you get the picture.  I realized this morning that posting something about this event has been on my to-do list for way too long, and has been preventing me from writing anything else.  (Have you ever had some unresolved thing act like a giant road block in your life?)

I got interviewed by the Daily Astorian on Monday about the benefit, which created an anxiety-filled insomnia event that night.  Following the advice “Accept All Help” is harder than you would think.  Even though I fully believe that the love and support we have been receiving is creating a path to wellness for me, and is definitely lending  joy to the journey, it is hard to be so publicly vulnerable.  Finding  out my diagnosis was fraught with fear, and anxiety. After we let people know and started treatments, my dominate emotions have mostly been feeling happy, grateful and incredibly loved.  Facing any challenge while in community is much, much easier.

So enough psychoanalyzing already, the bottom line is,  We have great friends who are smart and talented and have put together a wonderful event for a cold winter’s night.  It will be fascinating and a delight to hear.  It is in a building with great acoustics.  So if coming out Saturday evening is your highest calling,  it will be wonderful to see you. We can all enjoy what Rex and Andrew have put together.

Here is the press release for the Benefit:

“Letters, Lies and Love:  The Mozart Story”  

By Rex Ziak and Andrew Emlen
February 8, 2014 from 7 to 8 PM
Grace Episcopal Church Sanctuary
1545 Franklin, Astoria Oregon
Doors open at 6:30 PM

Mozart lived for 35 brief years, composed more than 600 works and changed music forever. Because of his amazing artistic outpouring, he will always be remembered as one of the world’s greatest artists. However, equally intriguing is his life story—from his childhood until death—which happens to be a romping, twisting tale of success and defeats—romance and conflict.

Fortunately, the story of his life is captured, auto-biographically, through family letters. The Mozart family wrote letters by the hundreds and through these personal correspondences we can gain insight into their private pleasures, humor, anger and fears. These letters reveal a Mozart no one knows.

Rex Ziak has created a unique lecture that follows Mozart’s entire life and gives the audience a compelling overview of the story behind this genius. Accompanying Rex, in this special presentation, is cellist Andrew Emlen who will create a live soundtrack to Mozart’s life story.

This one hour presentation is perfect family entertainment and education. Whether you are musically inclined or just enjoy a good story about a compelling genius, there will be something here that will leave you amazed. Come and enjoy this event and if you so wish, contribute to a medical expense fund for Iris Sullivan Daire and family (of the Blue Scorcher Bakery/Café).

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Rosenau says:

    Iris, I always look forward to reading your wonderful blog. I wish I lived closer so I could attend this lovely event. I am sending you warm, healing energy from Michigan. Jane ( a friend of your Mom’s)

  2. Eileen says:

    Wish I could be there. Love you.

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